About EMS

What is EMS

EMS stands for Electro-Myo (muscle)-Stimulation (Greek "Electro" = electric, "myos" = the muscle and Latins "stimulatio" = activation / stimulus), this is where we introduce low frequency pulses of electric current to the striated muscles and bring them into a controlled contraction.

In conventional training, the central nervous system (CNS) controls the electrical signals sent to the muscles, with EMS training the muscles react to the electrical impulses from the electrodes, in principle the muscle cannot determine whether the stimulus is coming from the brain or the electrodes and thus reacts with a contraction.

EMS can be described as a highly effective whole body training program that in a training time of less than 30 minutes per week can achieve a variety of muscular training goals. The combination of deliberate muscle tension, sport or everyday specific movements and at the same time activating all the major muscle groups creates a completely different stimulus and training becomes shorter and more intensive.

EMS Equipment

Training suit (underwear) this is made up of a shirt and shorts - either use ours or buy your own set from us.

The i-body vest, this has 10 electrodes in it, the i-body arm, leg and glute electrodes all connect to the i-body vest which is then connected to the Miha Bodytec II controller

i-Body Arm electrodes

i-Body Leg electrodes

i-Body Glute (bum) electrode