• Highly effective form of exercise, pleasantly stimulating impulses activate all major muscle groups as well as the muscles located in between them or at greater depths. This means every single muscle is activated many times more intensively and frequently than in conventional methods, and in a much shorter time.

  • 20 minutes once a week is all it takes. A 20 minute EMS session equates to a 2 hour gym session.

  • Low impact with no added stress on the joints.

  • We provide individually tailored programs to enable you to achieve your goals much sooner and with minimum effort.

  • EMS is suitable for all ages (16 years +) and abilities.  Whether you are a regular gym buddy or have never set foot in a gym, your EMS training programme will be personalised to suit your individual needs.

  • Wired Workouts is powered by Miha Bodytec, the leading German manufacturer for premium EMS training equipment.

  • Home/Office based training, Wired Workouts offers the option of at-home or at-office training at no additional cost to you. We bring our mobile studio to the comfort of your home or office making exercise even more convenient and time efficient.

Whether you are 18 or 80 we have the training programme for you