Miha Bodytec picks up where conventional training methods leave off. Targeted, individually controllable training activates and strengthens even deep muscle groups which cannot be reached by conventional training, or only with difficulty.

Through EMS the spine gains stability and back strain is noticeably relieved even during the first application. Muscular imbalances are addressed and the trunk musculature strengthened. EMS is the ideal pathway to a healthy, strong back.

Reduces backache after only 2 sessions. After 6 weeks 44% of chronic pain patients were pain free. 88% of participants reported significantly reduced levels of back pain.



Aids abdominal muscle recovery.

Improves bladder control/incontinence which can affect up to 1 in 4 women. EMS training can relieve or prevent incontinence by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. After 6 weeks of EMS pelvic floor training incontinence symptoms decreased by 75%.

As we can come to you, training can be arrange around your baby's sleep time and in the comfort of your own home.


Mummy groups also welcome. We can accommodate up to 4 back-to-back sessions in the same location, so you can combine exercise and social get-together time with other mums. 



Positive body shaping as weight and fat are reduced, and blood flow and metabolism are boosted.

By building up fat-free muscle mass and achieving high metabolic activity, it is possible to reduce body weight and fat. With healthy nutrition and continuous training, problem zones can be dealt with, providing an effective way of reducing flabby tummies, hips and thighs. 

  • Problem zones are toned up

  • Reduced body fat

  • Drop cm’s on waist and hips

  • Cellulite can be prevented or combated up to a certain age.

  • Improved self body image