​Benefits of EMS training

From a "couch potato" to an elite athlete and anything in-between EMS will benefit you, building lean muscle, tightening and firming up the body, working the whole body.

EMS has also shown great results in reducing backache as it compensates for muscular imbalance (works both sides equally) and strengthens the core - without doing thousands of crunches and sit-ups!

EMS is great for post natal recovery as it aids with abdominal muscle recovery as well as excellent pelvic floor training.

But where EMS really shines is sports specific training, be it golf, tennis, football, rugby, horse riding, squash, baseball, archery, to name a few. The benefit comes from doing sports specific moves while the whole body is in a muscle activation, activating more fast twitch muscle fibres than conventional gym work, whilst doing the actual sports movement.

EMS in a nutshell?

We attach 16 electrodes to you, hook you up to the controller and send low-frequency pulses of electric current to your muscles, causing your muscle fibres to contract 85 times per second and activating 90%+ of your muscles.

In simple terms we trick your muscles into contracting, combine this with simple easy to do exercises that have little to no joint loading and you have a highly effective, quick, whole body exercise session that is easy on your joints and takes just 20 minutes once per week.